Conselis offers a comprehensive suite of design services, including converting sketches into technical plans, digitizing old plans, and creating detailed 3D representations of projects. They specialize in producing detailed drawings, optimizing drawing workflows, and generating electrical plans, wire diagrams, and foundation plans. Additionally, Conselis excels in creating standard object blocks, integrating with plotters, and setting up server infrastructure for cloud data maintenance, ensuring seamless collaboration and accessibility.

  • Converting sketches to technical plans.
  • Digitising old plans.
  • Creating 3D representations of the project.
  • Detailed drawings of your design.
  • Optimisation of your drawing work.
  • Electrical plans / Duck wire diagrams. ( As-Built plans of execution. )
  • Foundation plans, reinforcement and stability studies. (Making As-Built plans of structures.)
  • Creating blocks from standard objects.
  • Connection to your Plotter or other installation.
  • Setting up server and data maintenance Cloud Integration.

Creating 3D representations

Converting sketches to technical plans

Electrical plans

Detailed drawings of your design

Noordstraat Roeselare

Digitising old plans